Prevention of Infirmities Through Wellness Practices


Prevention of Infirmities Through Wellness Practices

We often hear that we need to lead healthy lives and adopt a healthy lifestyle. But what exactly does it mean? Can someone be healthy without following a healthy lifestyle? The definition actually depends on who you ask. Some individuals think that a healthy lifestyle is simply following all of the recommendations laid out by the National Osteoporosis Foundation.

According to the World Health Organization, health, as a state of complete physical and mental health, is “the absence of disease or infirmity.” Various other definitions have also been applied over the years. In current debate, the third definition has been given the most weight because of its focus on the role of the physical environment in determining one’s health. This definition is most commonly associated with the public’s attitude towards prevention, treatment and overall well being.

Prevention is considered the best form of therapy for a healthy life. So to achieve this, experts came up with ways of creating a “good health” or better known as a “wellness.” One such method is through changes in one’s behavior and attitude. The idea behind this statement is that physical and mental disorders can be prevented if a person can adapt to living in a better environment.

Adaptation can come in many forms. Changes in one’s diet can be taken into account in terms of ph 3.0. Ph 3.0 is the ratio of positive ions and negative ions in the atmosphere. A good health can be achieved if the levels of positive ions are low while the negative ions are high. A healthy environment should therefore be free of structural barriers, pollution, and poor air quality.

A healthy lifestyle and a well-balanced diet combined can ensure that a person is free from infirmities related to health. However, there are cases wherein health problems have re-occurred. In such cases, it is advisable to seek the help of an expert. In the past, there were few means of preventing or curing such illnesses but today there are numerous ways of doing so.

The use of wellness products like tablets, shakes, and health drinks have gone a long way in improving health and preventing disease. These products do not only prevent illness but also improve the quality of life in a person. However, infirmity prevention should not be viewed only as a prevention measure. Proper and balanced diet and exercise should be coupled with these products to ensure a person’s well-being.