Do We Love Or Dislike Something Because of Its Class or Race?

Beauty is a subjective term used in many different contexts. According to some, beauty is only the ideal beauty, whereas others define beauty as the most beautiful object imaginable. Still, many view beauty in relation to human beauty, arguing that humans possess certain inherent qualities that are not found in other animals. Beauty therefore, is often the last consideration for an artist. However, some argue that beauty is simply a mental construct and is not inherent in anything.


Beauty, like beauty, is typically defined as a mental attribute of objects which makes these objects beautiful to see. These objects may include sunsets, landscapes, humans and other works of art. Beauty, along with other aesthetic sense, is the core field of aesthetics, among the major branches of science, another of which is psychology.

The problem with any definition of beauty is that it necessarily creates a subjective judgement of beauty. Just because a thing looks good to you does not mean that it will appeal to everyone. In fact, beauty is subjective since it is formed by your personal expectations about how it should look. What seems beautiful to one person may seem ugly to another.

Some philosophers argue that beauty is a subjective quality which is independent of our individual judgments. Others disagree, contending that beauty is a physical attribute determined by physical factors. Still others subscribe to the idea that beauty is a unique quality that can be measured and evaluated, and then rewarded or criticized accordingly. Beauty therefore, appears to depend on the answers we give to questions such as those concerning what makes a beautiful object or scene, what constitutes beauty, and so on. According to some, beauty is the inner definition of truth, while others believe that beauty is a quality found in all things.

It may worry some people that if they do not possess the beauty that they think they should, then they are not beautiful. Some philosophers argue that beauty depends on what makes an object look like, but how does this relate to truth? If beauty depends on what makes an object look like, then what makes a beautiful object look like a beautiful object? If beauty is a subjective quality, then what it is for some may be completely different from what it is for others.

When a young child grows up to accept that he/she is pretty just the way they are, then that is beauty. If that child grows into an adult and decides to embrace his/her beauty, then that adult is considered beautiful. It may worry some that he/she will be condemned for their perceived ugliness. However, if that same young person grows up to hate and disgust others because they are ugly, then they have committed a crime. The crime is unforgivable. This is why we should never condemn a person simply because they are not beautiful.