An Introduction To Gaming Consoles And PCs

Gaming is the act of playing interactive computer games (self-directed or otherwise) by means of a computer system or game console. A computer game is an interactive computer program or video game that entails interaction via a user interface (an x-box, game pad, mouse, or keyboard) or output device (a video card, PlayStation 2, or Xbox). While computer games are primarily played on personal computers, there are now many different popular formats for gaming such as PSP( PlayStation Portable), mobile phone, handheld gaming device, and the ever growing Wii. The reason for the widespread popularity of video gaming is fairly simple: the ability to have a highly immersive, high-speed experience without the need for a great deal of equipment. Gaming does not necessarily require any more equipment than playing an entertaining video on a television set.


One of the most popular forms of entertainment is online gaming. There are three types of consoles currently available for online gaming: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii consoles. The Wii consoles were developed especially for the gaming industry and are the most popular consoles available. Xbox 360, developed by Microsoft is the next-generation gaming system for the current generation. The Wii console can be purchased for either cheaper or more expensive than Xbox, depending upon the form of game purchased.

All three major gaming consoles allow the player to interact with others through the use of motion detection technology. This technology allows the player to react to their movements and to control video games through body motions. This in turn allows for highly engaging gaming experience as the interaction between the player and the game is not limited to a keyboard and mouse. Gamers can physically feel the actions of their characters in the game through the control of their bodies. In this way, video games allow players to become a part of every action in the game.

All three major electronic gaming platforms have created a new level of possibilities within gaming. The Wii uses its motion sensitive controller technology to offer a more natural experience while playing games. The Xbox uses its Kinect motion detector technology to offer a highly detailed and realistic experience while playing video games. Both the PS3 and Xbox allow users to connect their systems to their computers to enjoy online multiplayer video games. Through this connection, the players can experience gaming more closely and feel as if they really are involved in the events of the game.

All three gaming platforms have created new opportunities for in-game gifts that can be purchased for each one of the systems. These in-game gifts are available for either free or for a low amount of money. In-game gifts are typically availed through a variety of online gaming stores that offer unique gifts based on each specific console. Some of these unique in-game gifts include clothing, jewelry, and items needed for in-game purchase.

The success of gaming has created many opportunities for companies that create the software for these consoles. Many different companies are now producing video games for both PCs and gaming consoles. Most companies producing video games now utilize the gaming technology provided by proprietary gaming formats. However, because of the incredible success of video games, many companies have begun to produce game software that is available exclusively for PCs. These programs include both single player and multiplayer games, allowing the player the ability to interact with other individuals around the world who also play the popular video games.