Beauty – The Base of All Emotions


Beauty – The Base of All Emotions

Beauty is most commonly defined as a subjective aspect of human qualities that makes those qualities enjoyable to see. These qualities can be physical or mental. Physical beauty is beauty such as the beauty of a rose or the beauty of a beautiful woman. Mental beauty is more related to self esteem. This can be seen in a person’s capacity to succeed in life and achieve their goals. For example, a beautiful statue can add beauty to a landscape or an ugly painting can make the viewer’s mind focus on their own inferiority.

Biological Beauty is based on the function of the reproductive system and involves the overall appearance and the size of the reproductive organ, the human eye, the reproductive organs of other mammals and the overall appearance of a human being. A lot of research has been carried out on the physical and biological features of beautiful people to establish their genuineness as attractive. The research has shown that there are genetic differences in the brains of humans which are responsible for differences in their physical beauty. There is a high correlation between the genes that code for facial features, hand and body movement, and the attractiveness of faces and human beings.

Hormones and brain chemical systems control and influence the levels of perceived attractiveness in humans. Hormones are responsible for initiating and maintaining sexual behavior. The level of hormone concentration in the brain determines how attractive an individual is. Different brain chemicals are responsible for different aspects of a person’s attractiveness such as their emotions and memory. Hormone concentrations can be increased through certain actions such as exercise, eating right, sleeping well and other factors.

Natural Selection is the process by which ancestral human beings were able to survive and pass on their genes to future generations. It is possible because natural selection is always pushing the human race forward. When people have better tools and ways of survival it provides them with an opportunity to increase the number of offspring that can produce successful offspring. Natural selection is responsible for the survival and beauty of human beings. In order to be a successful individual it is necessary to improve ones appearance so that they are seen as attractive.

Dopamine and melanin are the two primary contributors to the beauty of a human body. The presence of these chemicals in the body area increases ones attractiveness and enables them to develop high self-esteem. The natural selection that took place millions of year ago must have allowed the survival of those individuals that had the highest amount of natural beauty and ability to survive. As we age the production of melanin and dopamine decreases, this can result in a decrease in ones attractiveness and sense of success.

While everyone may not be born with the ability to be very attractive others can take advantage of their beauty to increase their reproductive success. For example, beautiful women are able to provide fertile children with low reproduction costs. While a man can try to be more attractive but will not reach his goal of reproductive success unless he is handsome. It is believed that beauty is directly linked to one’s sense of self-worth which is also closely connected to reproductive success. Therefore, a person that is more attractive than others can use beauty to enhance their level of self-worth which in turn improves their chances of having children that will be able to reproduce and thrive.