Types of Sports in the UK


Types of Sports in the UK

Sports are organized competitive physical activities and physical games. These fill the human need for competition, physical exercise and physical exertion. Almost all sports are potential competitors. Here is the main difference between sports and other recreational, entertainment or leisure time activities.

The only physical activity that can be called “professional” by most people is playing a sport. Professional sports involve paid athletes, or athletes engaged in organized competitions. The purpose of such engagement is to win; to excel at the competition in order to get paid. Therefore, it is clear that no other activity that can be tagged as sports can be considered as professional sports. But that does not mean that all physical activity is automatically considered professional sports.

Youth sports as well as recreational sports fall into this category. Youth sports refer to those activities conducted by people of all ages; minors as well as adults. It also includes children’s sports. They may be field sports such as baseball and soccer; or field hockey, swimming, softball or basketball. Some of the youth sports that fall into the recreational category include horseback riding, skateboarding, and weightlifting. They may also include motorized sports such as speed skating, hockey, soccer, and cycling.

Another sub-category of sports is “mind sports”. Many people consider mind sports to be those competitive intellectual activities such as chess, puzzles, brain teasers, etc., and others may consider them to be competitive mental activities such as puzzles and crossword puzzles. The activities involved in mind sports may be physical, but they are primarily mental challenges.

Association football is one of the first sports to use the term “sport” in its title. Sport refers to any physical contact sport that involves two or more people. Association football includes contact sports such as American football, rugby, Australian rules football, and football in the United Kingdom. Another association sports in the UK is cricket, which means “cricket” in English. Many board games such as bridge, board games such as Cranberry juice, and game rooms such as Quintoniles forms of association sports.

Most of us know about cricket and American football, but few of us know about British rugby and Australian rules football. It is estimated that more than five hundred million people regularly play a non spectator sport in the UK. Ten million people watch a sport such as the Super Bowl every year. Sports such as Association football, American football, tennis, bicycle racing, cricket, hockey and boxing are some of the most popular sports in the UK.