Gaming and the Danger of Unsupervised Gaming Habits

Video gaming is often considered to be an activity for people who are excessively fond of playing computer games. However, there are other types of players who also get addicted to video games. These are the players who spend long hours in front of their computers and play continuously for at least several hours every day. To understand this further, you need to understand what distinguishes a normal computer game from a video game. A computer game or video game is simply an electronic game which entails interaction with an external user interface or input device including a joystick, mouse, keyboard, or optical motion sensor device for input. Other types of video games are first person shooter games (FPS) and role-playing games (RPGs).


The distinction between the two different types of gaming is clear. FPS games are played in first-person perspective, whereas RPG gamers spend most of their time interacting with the game environment through the keyboard and the mouse. It is interesting to note that the popularity of these two video games have led to the development of various online games which utilize the internet as its medium. The popularity of these online games such as World of Warcraft have increased tremendously over the past few years, giving rise to the industry of in-game advertising.

One of the key differences between the two is that, while the former involve minimal interaction and allow the user to enjoy the game without getting into trouble, the latter involve in-game mechanisms which can make gaming addictive. The proliferation of chat rooms, voice chats, instant messaging, and instant messages on gaming platforms has also increased the extent of addiction. One of the easiest ways of getting hooked to the addiction is to ignore or block out the time limits that are set for in-game interaction. With time, more players will start to ignore the time limits and get to the point where they do not recognize that they are wasting time chatting or doing other things that are not directly related to the game.

In a way, the in-game safety settings help reduce this problem. However, there are many individuals who still find it difficult to ignore chat messages or play games without knowing the safety settings. For such people, they have the option of playing at lower quality levels to prevent their gaming habits from being hampered. Some internet service providers also allow the users to set the safety levels by lowering the bandwidth limits during peak hours of the week. For instance, a gamer might be allowed to connect to the gaming platform during free periods only.

Gaming has definitely become popular among all age groups and all genders. This is evident by the fact that there are numerous tournaments organized by gaming companies every year. The market for electronic games has grown exponentially in the last two decades and has seen tremendous expansion. One reason behind this growth is that gamers have become more affluent and have the means to purchase video games and use them on a regular basis. As a result, the popularity of video games is expected to grow even further.

With the popularity and rapid growth of video games, it is important for society to come up with measures that would prevent young children from playing them and engaging in dangerous behavior. With interactive games and chat facilities becoming commonplace in homes, more families should be aware of the benefits of having a family-friendly game consoles. Moreover, parents must be informed about the importance of using the appropriate controls when gaming. In the end, by making gaming a family event, the risk of having an unsupervised child will be greatly decreased.