Types of Physical Activity


Types of Physical Activity

Sport (or sports) is any form of organized, usually competitive physical action that, through formal or informal participation, attempt to utilize, enhance or improve certain physical ability and abilities while offering entertainment to participants, and at times, spectators as well. The term can also be used to describe a particular sport, the name of which is often self-explanatory. Different sports can be classified based on the equipment used in play, the rules governing the play and the degree of involvement of participants. Today, many different games and sports are enjoyed around the world.

There are several major international organizations that govern many different sports, especially in the field of ice hockey. Among these governing bodies are the International Ice Hockey Federation (IHF), the International Chess Federation (ICF), the World Body of Sports Medicine (WBSM) and the United States Olympic Committee for Sports Medicine (USOCM). These organizations and many more around the world govern hundreds of different sports including track and field, ice skating, swimming, sailing, cycling, gymnastics, cricket and football.

Some non-traditional organizations are also emerging as governing bodies of sports activities. For example, some schools have been established to promote and provide a platform for physical education and physical activities in local communities. Many colleges and universities offer sports programs in order to encourage student athletes to participate in sports and master their particular sports to a professional level. Most universities and colleges also govern non-physical sports such as fencing and softball. To ensure fair competition and a safe and healthy environment for players, both physical and non-physical sports need to be properly regulated.

In terms of professional sports, there are several distinct categories of sports. One of these is professional wrestling. Wrestlers engage in intense, sometimes grueling, competitions in order to win the championship belt. There are many professional wrestlers who have become well known because of their ability to win prestigious and much sought after titles. Other athletes in this category are WWE wrestlers like Randy Orton and John Cena, as well as the Ultimate Warrior and Ric Flair.

A second type of sport is Association football; it is governed by the governing bodies of each country that stage it. Some countries do not have governing bodies; however, they still allow the sport to go on and develop into a highly competitive career field. Association football has grown significantly over the years and is now played by tens of millions of people all over the world. Some of the more popular sports to watch are tennis, American football, soccer, motor racing and cricket. Each of these sports requires strict adherence to rules and regulations and each is subject to championships and international competitions, which help to regulate the playing and governing bodies.

The third type of sports is generally seen as being less competitive and more relaxed than the other two. This type of sports generally does not require any form of regulation or recognition by governing bodies. Sports such as golf, fishing, climbing, surfing, sailing and snowboarding are examples of this category. They are seen as recreational physical activity and there is not the same degree of planning or competitive pressure as some of the other sports. They also do not require the same degree of commitment as other sports to participate in.